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Kathak Costume

Kathak have variety of costume designs. Long upper with flare and jacket is the most old and popular version. Kathak dancers also wear ghagra choli with contrast colors made up of banarasi silk and traditional patterns.Nowdays we have long jacket designs upon long anarkali with leggings. Colors play great role in different styles and type of performance you have.

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Indian traditional /Semi classical costumes

This Dance style falls between classical,classical contemporary or Traditional Bollywood.That gives a huge flexibility in choosing your costume. Anarkali. lehnga choli, long jacket with ghagra, long traditional dress, Saree, crop top with embroidery along with long skirt(Optional dupatta),Harem pants designed with long sleeve mid waist blouse and lot more designs you can think of.

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Bollywood Dance Costumes

Bollywood have its own style which have variety of dances like traditional, western, folk dances, cultural dances ,bollywood style dance and many more.There is no limit of style and costume selection. 

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Punjabi Folk Costume/Gidda Bhangra

Punjabi Folk Dance( Mixture of Bhangra & Gidda) is a very popular dance style which is loved by everyone. Its fun steps and cool gestures with colorful and traditional costume are worldwide popular.The Best part is its  Variety of styles in design and color contrasts with accessories are absoluetly beautiful and unique. Patiala salwaar suit, Long kurti lungi dress, Long kurti with long ghagra. Half jackets with kurta style upper and phulkari. 

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When we come up with a fusion of different dances  , Music /Instrumental performance, Creative choreography on basic song , Inspirational performance and so on makes a creative dance. And why not anyone would like a creative costume ? Tell us about your performance , we can even help you with costume design suggestions and amazing ideas to shine.

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